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Friday, April 17, 2015

Theme Song Of My Life

I absolutely LOVE music. I think that is true of most people. We can get joy and happiness out of listening to music, have someone verbalize our deepest emotions, and connect with others. I particularly find that music provides me with an escape and as an agent of transporting me to another world. This is especially true when I listen to Bollywood musics, or just foreign music in general.

Theme Song Of My Life |

One song that I have always identified with since I first heard it, in a Shahrukh Khan movie of course, is "Jiya Re." You could say that it is the theme song of my life and I would say that you are right :) I think it is important for everyone to have that song they can turn to which will make them happy and ready to take on the world. Whenever I listen to "Jiya Re" I am empowered and excited for what is to come! *Click the CC button on the bottom right for English subtitles*

What is your theme song? How does it make you feel? 


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Why I Don't Stress About Analytics

There are many, repetitive pieces of advice floating around the blogsphere. There are words of wisdom like "content is king," (no duh...) and posts compelling you to join every blogger network in existence. While there is certainly a lot to be said for recommendations such as these, I am particularly against the emphasis placed on analytics.

Why I Don't Stress About Analytics |

Now, for those running their blog as a business it is of course very important to be able to communicate with a company the reach of your readership and to look at your audience in a critical way. However, if you are a blogger who does this for the love of the craft, it does not make sense to stress about analytics.

When first I set up Google Analytics I compulsively checked my stats (sort of like I do with the price of gold, but I've yet to break that habit...) and would find myself disappointed if I didn't see the numbers increasing fast enough. What I failed to realize is that the 'success' of your blog does not have to come down to numbers. In fact, when I thought about, I value the interactions I have with my readers (through commenting, on twitter, etc. I get so excited when I hear from you!) rather than simply the number of readers, the bounce rate, or the unique visitors.

Another reason I'm not particularly fond of using analytics to profile my readers is that I think it takes away from the dynamics of each one of you. We hear about the "ideal reader" all of the time, and using demographic information just serves to try and box a person's preferences. When I post I try and think not only about the vast majority of my audience, but also what would be valuable for others or a different, non-boxed perspective.

What are your feelings on analytics? Are you a fan, an enemy, or something in-between?


Monday, April 13, 2015

An Ode To My Darling Friends

I once wrote an ode to bread because it is absolutely delicious when baked right (but then again I guess you can say that for everything...). Today I want to share an ode to my friends who are truly amazing people who add incredible value to my life.

An Ode To My Darling Friends |

Where would I be without you? Probably by myself in my room reading a book. As you know I do love that activity, yet it's because of you that I get myself up and out. We go to events together and have a running commentary on every aspect. How was the performance, the execution of the activities, the quality of the food? You and I have an opinion on everything and we are never hesitant to share it.

Constant laughter and inside jokes are what we live for. When I am feeling down you know to hug me, listen to me for a minute or two, and then whip out a joke. Before I know it we are looking up what the least populated state is or debating the merits of Abraham Lincoln. You get me and I get you and we are so lucky that we met each other.

Above all else, you are someone I admire. You know so much more than I do, so I am always learning from you. You push me to expand my mind and views, and for that I am grateful. Your dedication to your passions, your work ethic, your kindness, your willingness to help all contribute to making you a person who challenges me and motivates me to do better. Our healthy competition is seen in our joint success. Basically what I'm saying is we're awesome!

Do you feel the same about your friends? What would you say to them in your own ode?


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Friday, April 10, 2015

7 Random Facts

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Brooke from LookBrooke nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. From my understanding (because it becomes incredibly hard to find the original source of most of these awards) the recipient is supposed to share seven facts and then nominate 15 bloggers.

7 Random Facts |

Here are my seven facts:
  1. So I do these things called Professional Selling competitions. I wrote about my first one here, and this year I am going to two back to back; one in Georgia for a week and another in Texas for a week. Basically I'm missing school half of the month of April but I #dontcare. These competitions consist of me having a conversation with a professional pretending to be a potential buyer, uncovering the needs of his/her business, proposing a solution with my product, handling any objections, closing the sale, being watched by judges, and being filmed. It is so fun and nerve-racking all at the same time. I absolutely love it!
  2. I use the word "wicked" quite frequently. Like "Oh that movie was wicked awesome," or "I'll be wicked quick, I promise." It's really a New England thing and I sort of picked it up from my extended family. 
  3. I wish that I could become a pirate. But my thing is, I want to sail and yell at my crew but also not steal from anyone or come in harms way. So I suppose I don't want to be a pirate in the traditional sense, but please get me on the water as fast as possible!
  4. I read multiple books at once because I need to have some fiction, nonfiction, self-help, and foreign books all going. I'm an obsessive reader. If you are too, connect with me on Goodreads!
  5. I love to act. For a very long time I wanted my career to be stage acting, but alas, I decided that world was not totally for me. That doesn't stop me from getting up on stage in productions at school and even being in a short film (watch it below!). 
  6. I am an amazing chef. My signature dish is peanut butter and jelly.
  7. If I could relive any year it would be 2009 when I started my freshman year of high school. Running around in my all girls catholic school with my new friends all wearing matching skirts was amazing. Can I please go back?!?! 

Now, I am supposed to nominate other bloggers, but I am going to do this a little differently. I open up the floor to all of you! Leave your facts in the comments or a link to your own blog post and I'll be sure to check it out!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Etiquette: Library Edition

Ahh the library. My sanctuary, my home away from home, my torture chamber (on occasion). There is nowhere I spend more of my time on campus than in the library. Not even in my own room, including sleep, if you can believe it. Since this is the case, I hold other occupants to a high standard of behavior in this wonderful shared space.

Etiquette: Library Edition |

Here is the etiquette necessary when you are in the library.

  • Be quiet. This is wicked obvious but you'd be surprised how many people seem to forget that when you are in the library you must be silent. At my school each floor has its own standard of silence. On the first floor you can talk however you'd like whereas on the second floor although you can speak it is expected that it will be in a whisper. 
  • Keep your table clean. Although there are rules against eating in the library it is sometime ok to have a piece of fruit or some water when you are there for hours on end. However, you absolutely, positively must clean up after yourself.
  • Put books back. If you remove a book from its place on the shelf be sure to put it back in its proper place. If you can't remember where it belongs or can't find its spot, turn it in at the front desk. 
  • Take care with what you borrow. Remember that these are not your books and that others will use them. Return them in the condition you checked them out in. 
  • Give back material the moment you're done. If you are looking at a newspaper or magazine in the library put it back right when you are finished with it so others don't have to wait too long. 

I hope you find these tips helpful for when you are next in the library!

What are your pet peeves when you study in the library? Do you think I left anything out?

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